Jumpy Mouse Problem

Iím feeling stupid right now. If you’re landing here because your having jumpy mouse problems and you’ve decided to do a quick Google search before throwing away yet another mouse… get ready to feel stupid just like me.

Pick up the mouse, turn it upside down, and blow on the sensor. Thatíll clean it off and itíll run just fine and dandy.

Iíve got an entire cupboard full of old keyboard and mouse sets that I gave up on because the mouse started acting up. While I do admit to getting some satisfaction from buying a new set, they arenít cheap and I canít believe I never took the time to research the problem before. My current set is less than a year old, and it cost about $150. When the mouse started jumping, it was only minutes before I had my new $300 Bluetooth set picked out in my mind. Then I decided to do a quick search on the problem. It took about 20 seconds to type ďjumpy mouseĒ into Google, find the solution, blow on the mouse, and thump my head on the table. I only hope I can spread the feeling of stupidness along to more people.

PS. As if my wireless set wasnít happy enough humiliating me over the dust problem, it taunted me again just the other day. When the wireless USB adapter for the mouse/keyboard was plugged in the backspace button would start repeatedly being pressed. This time I did go into Google multiple times to try to find an answer and after days of trying and re-trying to plug in and unplug my wireless USB adapter, blowing like crazy on the bottom of the mouse, and even reinstall my drivers, I had almost decided to go out and buy a new wireless set again. Then I found the answer. I was using the laptop keyboard, while the wireless keyboard was sitting on a shelf on the other side of the roomÖ upside down and resting on the backspace button. *DOH!*

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