7 Podcasts that Keep Me Awake All Night

If you know me, youíll be surprised that up until a few months ago I hadnít subscribed to a single podcast in over two years. Youíll find it ironic that Iíve recently become re-addicted to podcasts and have been listening to probably an average of 2 hours per day.

Podcasts are wonderful, wonderful things. I have to credit the weekend graveyard shift at the old-folks home for giving me a whole bunch of vacant brain cycles prime for soaking up hours of podcasty goodness. Whatís even better is that everyone has their hearing aids out at night, so I can just put the iPhone on speaker, pop it in my front pocket, and Iím good to go all night… even when I’m called away from my computer on a midnight emergency.

Iím still in the process of rediscovering a perfect podcast list, but hereís the top 7 Iíve been using to keep me going on the night shifts:

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: My long-time favorite. Tonight I re-listened to one of the first episodes I remember getting with Mark Zuckerberg. Itís amazing to listen to the future billionaire talk about his growing website that he insisted was NOT a social network.

BBCís Peter Dayís World of Business: My Uncle passed this to me. Basically this guy goes around talking to tech entrepreneurs, usually favoring startups. He captures the highest levels of passion that exist in the world from people who are doing everything from building underwater flying machines to managing outsourcing companies in India.

GeekBeat.TV: What geek doesnít enjoy his 5 minutes of Cali Lewis per day?

The Smart Passive Income Podcast: Pat Flynn talks about how he makes passive income online. Yes, there are a million of these guys and theyíre usually not much more interesting than the ďget rich quickĒ guys. I like Pat though for some reason. Maybe itís just because he has a company called ďFlynndustries.Ē

BBCís Discovery: BBC has an endless archive of quality podcasts. Iíve been really enjoying the Discovery podcast these days. Thereís been some fascinating episodes about stuff like nanotechnology that make you want to turn 50 just to see where all these discoveries lead.

TED Talks: One of my new goals in life is to one day give a TEDTalk. The people who stand up there are the best or among the best in the world at whatever it is they do. The TEDTalks are perhaps one of the most phenomenal little nuggets that podcasting has to offer.

NPR’s Science Friday: Iíve had a few science podcasts appearing and disappearing from my subscription list, but so far this one has been one of my†favorites. I canít get enough of stuff like quantum physics, genetic breakthroughs, and synthetic life. It gets me so excited about the future.


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