Hello World!

I once read someone, somewhere bashing anyone who still had their Hello World post up on their blog. If that person somehow arrives on this blog, Iím sorry. I love seeing this phrase on the screen because it means Iím starting a process that Iím really going to enjoy. I wonder who coined the term? Letís look it upÖ

Ö Brian Kernighan in 1974. Thank you Brian, youíre one of my new heroes. Iíll read the rest of your Wikipedia page later.

Iíve started a few blogs in the past, both business and personal. Iím excited about this one though because itís the blog Iíve always intended on doing but never have.

From January of 1990 to January 2000, on the advice of one of my Sunday school teachers, I wrote in a personal journal every single day. Iíve never gone back to read what I wrote, and I cringe at the thought of anyone else ever reading it. But that exercise let me flush out a lot of creative thoughts and ideas. Iíll probably feel bad if no one ever finds me on this blog, but if nothing else, I hope this blog will bring back that kind of disciplined idea exploration that my journal used to give to me.

I donít have any plan to focus on one topic for this blog. Iíve over-thunk it for the past few years and the result has just been an excuse to never start. So Iíll just start writing now and see where it takes me. Itíll likely be about the things I generally think about and learn while Iím exploring technology and business ideas. Iíll probably write about my experiences as a new husband and Dad-to-be, and life as kind of a wondering entrepreneur. Iím also interested in the mobile web and online passive income, so maybe this blog will evolve into something more focused around one of those topics. We shall see.

I have lots to say, but I tend to favor short articles and more of them, so Iíll leave this first post at that.

Hello World!

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