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I know these blog titles are not exactly click-magnets so far. If anyone ever actually reads this article you must leave a comment and tell me how on earth you landed here.

As I kick of this blog, I thought Iíd quickly document who I am at the moment. Iím at a kind of at an interesting point in my life, and I think it might be enjoyable to look back 5 years from now and relive it.

Iíve just turned 30, just been married, and just learned Iím going to be a Dad. Iíve also just stepped away from exclusive full-time commitment to my first business, and have just become an employee in someone elseís company for first time since University. I count 5 ďjusts,Ē and all them have taken place over a couple months. It looks like Iím at a new beginning.

I would have liked to have a bit more success with the last phase of my life, but Iím excited about the next. This summer has taken a screeching 90 degree turn though, and I will admit that on occasion I have felt like Iíve been flung right out the door and scrapped face first along the pavement.

For the past three years, 95% of my life was dedicated to being a young founder/CEO of a dot-com startup. That business, while not becoming a huge financial home run, has reached the point where it runs pretty much on its own and doesnít need me full time.

More importantly, family and personal income have suddenly become important to me. When the baby comes, my mother-in-law is also coming from China to live with us. Thatíll place me as the only one in a 4-person household whoís available to earn an income. So I have to say goodbye to the days of carefree bootstrapping. Actually, I say good riddance to those days. I think more responsibility will be one of those shake-ups that guys like me look back on and say ďthatís just what I needed.Ē

Iím now spending my 9-5 hours as a business analyst and doing graveyard shifts at an old-folks home on the weekend. Itís taken some adjustment, but it gives me a chance to learn how to work for someone else, and the graveyard shifts provide a great distraction-free time for stuff like this. Plus, I still have a lot of time and flexibility with my other business.

Iíve also got an itch to start a side-project. My commitment to this itch will be to put in at least 8 hours per week on this blog and active exploration of the single-person opportunities for income in the online world. Iím imagining a collective ďha-haĒ from all the other fathers out there who remember being so naÔve with their free-time expectations. But the graveyard shift works to my advantage in this situation. In fact, I think Iíll even log the time I spend on this and maybe even post it.

So this is it, the next beginning! I feel like Iíve just finished putting down my soldiers in a new game of Risk. Fun times!

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  1. I landed here by looking you up haha! That’s a lot of change in a short time. You’re smart, talented, and extremely hard working and I bet the next big thing for you is just around the corner. When you find it let me know and I’ll jump on board!

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